Trail Running Victoria - Trailsplus

Sat 18th - Sun 19th July 2020

TrailsPlus Mountain Trail Series  Race 3

21km  42km (Sat)

5km 15km 30km 50km  (Sun)

100km  100mi (Sat-Sun)

Online Entry Closed

On day entry available



The you yangs weekend requires approximately 40 volunteers working day and night helping runners achieve their goals, we'd love to have you on the team helping out for the weekend.


At all Trailsplus events, $1 of each participant's race entry fee is donated to CanTeen, the Australian organisation for Young people Living with cancer.

Update: In 2018, competitors donated $319 and we had 590 race entries.  So Trailsplus has donated a total of $909 to Canteen for the You Yangs mountain trail event.

On June 30th 2019 we surpassed donations of $50,000:00 to CanTeen

Massive thanks to our runners, volunteers and supporters

In 2014, Trailsplus staged the inaugural Hard Core 100 mile event as a new addition to the You Yangs running festival. Runners start at 8am on Saturday and run through the night, some run through to the 4pm Sunday cut-off (32 hrs). Hope to see you all there again this year!!

A limited number of early start options are available, but needs a well pleaded case put forward to allow and early start and extra 2hrs.

2019 UTMB Points (5pts - 100mile) (4pts - 100km)

We are pleased to announce the new course retains the 5 and 4 pts even after a tightening of the evaluation system assessment 

Get training!!


Welcome to the 3rd race in the Victorian Mountain Trail running series.

2020 will see the 12th annual Trail Running Festival at the You Yangs.

The You Yangs course is always a beautiful run through varying terrain, from flat wooded bike trails to open rocky mountain trails. There are some great views from Flinders Peak across Port Philip Bay, if you have the time and energy to take them in after the steep ascent!!

If you haven't entered the previous 2 races, come and find out what they are all about and why so many runners choose to enter them all. And with the added 4th event at Lorne it's a great end of the series celebration with family and friends as we book out the Cumberland river holiday park.

Parks Vic provide great picnic facilities at the Turntable carpark, where the race starts and finishes, so it's a perfect location for families and friends to support their athletes.

The course takes a series of loops from the carpark out into different areas of the park, always returning to the carpark. This makes the supporter's job much easier as they will see their runner several times during the race.

10 Branch Rd
Little River  VIC  3221
map-link Map & Directions


The You Yangs Regional park is located about 55km south-west of Melbourne, just west of the township of Little River. The distinctive granite peaks of the You Yangs rise from the flat volcanic plains between Melbourne and Geelong. The park is popular for its magnificent views, birdlife and for bushwalks and picnics.

This race is held in the middle of winter when the park is at its visual best with lush greenery and local birdlife on display. It can be a very different story in the middle of summer when dust and wind can turn the park into a less pleasant and much more harsh environment.