Race 1 - Maroondah is currently open, you can enter the whole series via Maroondah Dam entry, just choose event distance of the series from the options.

Head a little out of town to soak in some of Victoria's beautiful mountains and forests. Not too far from home are some amazingly scenic mountain trails, with incredible views back toward the city.

Bring the family for a picnic and a great day away from the buzz of home. Make the most of the Parks Victoria facilities with a family BBQ.

Participation in the series requires entrants to register for the series prior to race 1.  Entry to individual races does not qualify for series participation.

Eligibility for a series result requires a finish time for at least 2 of the 3 races.

To be eligible for the series you must have registered prior to Race 1, you can no longer complete race 1 and then want to be part of the series competition.

Placings will be awarded only if there are at least 5 entrants in the category.  For example, if there are only 4 female entrants in the Short female category, then there will be no awards for this category.

There are 5 categories, each with a male and a female section:


SHORT (Male/Female) 
Race 1Maroondah10km
Race 2Macedon10km
Race 3You Yangs15km
Race 4Wonderfalls13km
Half* (Male/Female) 
Race 1Maroondah21.1km
Race 2Macedon21.1km
Race 3You Yangs21.1km
30* (Male/Female) 
Race 1Maroondah30km
Race 2Macedon30km
Race 3You Yangs30km
Race 4Wonderfalls25km
42.2 (Male/Female) 
Race 1Maroondah42.2km
Race 2Macedon42.2km
Race 3You Yangs42.2km
Race 4Wonderfalls42.2km
50* (Male/Female) 
Race 1Maroondah50km
Race 2Macedon50km
Race 3You Yangs50km
Race 4Wonderfalls52km

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Points System

A points system will be applied to race results creating an opportunity for all participants to feature in the championship results while consistent outstanding performances continue to be rewarded.

  • An internationally recognised grading system is used.
  • Age is included in the points calculation.
  • Your points from all finished races count.
  • A minimum of 5 participants is required for each division’s series comp to proceed.

Points will be allocated according to the age adjusted position you finish in the event, as follows:

1st place = 25 points
2nd place = 20 points
3rd place = 16 points

The international age group calculation will be applied to the result for a final point allocation. Therefore, your age may affect your race placing, either up or down.



Note that the individual rates list below are the standard entry fees.

Fees are subject to change and maybe displayed here as previous years, so always check fees on entry page for up to date. Once entry system for individual race is open fees are set and final

Maroondah Dam Mt Macedon You Yangs Wonderfalls SERIES
10-15-13-10 $55 $55 $60 $55 $185
21-21-25-21 $80 $80 $80 $80 $280
30-30-25-30 $90 $90 $90 $80 $310
42-42-42-42 $100 $100 $100 $100 $360
50-50-52-50 $115 $115 $115 $115 $420

Our Vouchers

We often issue discount vouchers as prizes at our events. The vouchers are not redeemable for cash and can only be used by the person they were awarded to for the discount amount shown. These are valid for a period of 12 months up to the event they were issued at but not for the event they were issued at in the proceeding year. Our voucher gift is to encourage you to check out some of our other events on urban and mountain trails.