Sunday 1st March 2015

Please also read the General Information for Urban Trail runs.

Race Schedule

You must attend the pre-race briefing in order to participate.  Important "on-the-day" information is given, so make sure you are there.

Registration from 6:007:008:009:0010:0011:00
Briefing 6:507:508:509:5010:5011:50
Start 7:008:009:0010:0011:0012:00


Presentation Times (approx)

Presentation will take place approx. 1pm pending current finishers.

Schools and Clubs results may be calculated late as team members may be participating in the longer distance events.

We would love for you all to remain around as long as possible after your event to be part of the presentation processes, relax and enjoy the Park BBQ facilities.

If you have performed well and are a podium finisher, please allow time to attend the presentation and receive your trophy. There will be other prizes available too, not just the winners' trophies! But you have to be present to receive these additional prizes.

Event Distances 


Car Parking

There is plenty of free parking along Dendy St and Cummins Rd, and some of the smaller side streets. Please take care to not block driveways, and to ensure you leave adequate room for cars to pass in the smaller streets.

The sports complex has a large dirt carpark. Please park sensibly to maximise usage since the sports clubs will be using this carpark later in the morning.


There are public toilets available all day at the rear of the Athletics Club rooms, next to the dirt carpark, directly across the oval from the start/finish line.

There will also be portable toilets available for competitors during race time. There will be located near the start/finish line.

Course Notes

The park is enjoyed by many people on the weekend, so please respect their use of the track. Be patient with walkers, especially those with dogs on leashes.  They have equal rights to the park with us.

Similarly, please respect other users of the park by holding onto your rubbish and putting it in a bin at the aid station.

Bayside council do not guarantee the future of this event, and it would take only one complaint from another park user to jeopardise the event's future.  Please keep this in mind so that we can continue to enjoy this race.

Making up the Laps

Since the track is 1.9km, extra distance is made up for each event by adjusting the start location, or by adding a small loop.  These are described below.

2km course (1 lap + 100m)

Starting position is 100m before gantry.

5km course (2 laps + 1200m)

Begins with a 1200m loop, starting at the start line.

10km course (5 laps + 500m)

Begins with a 500m loop, starting at the start line.

21.1km course (11 laps + 200m)

Starting position is 200m before gantry.

42.2km course (22 laps + 400m)

Starting position is 400m before gantry.

50km course (26 laps + 600m)

Begins with a 600m loop, starting at the start line.


There is one road crossing on the Dendy track.  About 1/2 way around, the track crosses the main entry into the sports facilities, Breen Dve. There is a step down a gutter and back up again.  Please exercise caution, and please follow instructions of marshals and officials

There is a 20m section of track that merges onto the bitumen track, then leaves the bitumen back onto the first.  Mind your ankles, and please be courteous to members of the public walking on the bitumen path.


While it is well understood that some runners enjoy listening to music while running, it is a requirement of the race permit that NO ONE WEARS EARPHONES while competing.  This is because of the non-exclusive use of the park. It is also very important that competitors can hear instructions from officials.

Race Bibs

There is an electronic chip on the back of your race bib. This will be used to register each of your laps.  Please read the general race information about how to wear your bib to ensure each of your laps are registered.

An official will remove the chip from your bib as you finish your event.

Aid Stations and Drop Bags

There is one aid station located at the BBQ shelter at the start/finish line. The station will be stocked with water & electrolyte, lollies, fruit cake, potato chips, chocolate and some fruit (probably watermelon & bananas).

Drop bags may be placed at the aid station, but must be kept out of the way of other competitors - behind the table.