Sunday 1st March 2015

AURA members:

...receive discounts on all sanctioned events.

Annual membership is $90.

If you would like to become a member, please visit

If you are already an AURA member and running an ULTRA event, enter code "auramember" for a 10% discount. 

Series Entrant:

If you choose to enter all 3 Urban Trail events, enter code "seriesentry" for a 10% discount.

(More info on Series)

The following were the 2015 prices. These may increase for 2016. This will be finalised soon.

  (until Mon 2nd Feb) (from Mon 23rd Feb)    
2km  -$20$25 -  
5km  -$35$45 $110 MINI
10km $45$50$60 $150 FUN
21km $65$70$80 $210 HALF
42km $85$90$100 $270 FULL
50km $100$110$120 $330 ULTRA
50km $100$110$120 $360 GRANDE