Sunday 6th January 2019

29km  35km  64km

The following qualities are considered when assessing entries:

  • trail experience
  • endurance
  • pace/speed

Entrants need to be able to satisfy all of these to gain entry. This is assessed most easily through a suitable race result but a combination of experiences demonstrating abilities will be considered when assessing eligibility.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it is designed to give an indication of the requirements to gain entry and as always we are available to discuss your particular situation, so always feel you can contact us for a chat about your entry:
 Bogong2Hotham12:00 hrs
 Macedon 507:30 hrs
 YY 10016:00 hrs
 YY 505:30 hrs
 YY 100 mile24:00 hrs
 Maroondah 507:00 hrs
 Wonderfalls 527:00 hrs
 Marysville 505:30 hrs
 Marysville 425:00 hrs
 Bogong to Langford7:00 hrs
 TNF10016:30 hrs
 TNF508:00 hrs
 6 Foot Track5:45 hrs
 Buffalo ultra16:00 hrs
 Buffalo mara8:00 hrs
 2Bays ultra7:00 hrs