The passion that is TrailsPlus came about more-or-less by accident, or maybe that should be injury.  A mid-life crisis, some may call it, took founder, Brett Saxon, from the extremely busy work environment and the couch straight to the trail.
Though it was not that straight forward or easy, a determination to regain a higher level of fitness and well-being lead to a regimented training exercise program culminating in a challenge to also help others.
Brett set his goal on raising $25,000 for young people living with cancer through the Canteen organisation.  He set himself the challenge of running 160km in 24hrs.  Once this challenge was behind him the passion lead to the next .... and the next.
Unfortunately the body started to break down and thats when Trails+ was created.  The thought of turning back the clock on the physical gains and the idea of loosing contact with the amazing trail running scene were options not to be considered.
Solving the problem seemed easy: create a trail event and keep involved.  Brett couldn't run any more and was told to give it up totally.  Too stubborn to take the advice, he stayed involved and TrailsPlus grew and continues to grow.
With the help of many friends and volunteers, TrailsPlus exists to provide opportunities to those who want to test their own limitations and take the challenge or next step and find their limits.
At TrailsPlus that is what we encourage: take the plunge (or next step), find your limit ... and break it!  But most of all - ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!
Keep running!