You Yangs events conducted over two days the events on Sunday, are 5km - 15km - 30km - 50km The Saturday events are Hard Core 100s, Marathon and Half Marathon.


Event Distances

You Yangs Trail Runs Consist of several events

  • 5km (Sun 11am)
  • 15km (Sun 10am)
  • 21.1km (Sat 10am)
  • 30km (Sun 9am)
  • 42.2km (Sat 9am)
  • 50km Ultra (Sun 8am)
  • Hardcore 100km (Sat 8am)
  • Hardcore 100 miler(Sat 8am)

Flinders Peak Challenge

The FPC is on hold at present and wont be conducted from 2019 until further notice.

When included it is conducted on Saturday between 11am and 4pm. A 1.5km ascent over 200M up the famous Flinders Peak. Runners will start 2 min apart and make their way to the top as quickly as possible. Then walk back down, its a one way timed event. For runners running in other events mainly Sunday, but if willing and time allows Saturday event runners can compete. If running another YY event the fee is $15, if only taking on the FPV the fee is $25


The start and finish line are located at the Turntable Carpark which is at the start of the climb up Flinders Peak. Even from this point there is a great view towards Geelong and also over Port Phillip Bay.
The course is such that supporters will see the runners pass through this point several times. All runners first complete the 15km loop and return to the carpark. The 15km event runners pass through the finish line to complete their event.
Those continuing then run the next loop completing 30km. The 30km event runners pass through the finish line to complete their event.
And so on until the 50km event runners have passed through the finish line after the 3rd loop.
Between the loops, runners make their way up to the top of the peak and back down again.
This makes it a great spectator course for friends and family.
Runners must be familiar with the course maps since each loop takes them along a different set of tracks.

See the MAPS tab for Garmin maps of each distance.

On Course Support and Aid

The event will have aid located at various points along the course. Aid Stations will have a supply of Water, Sports Drink, Fruit, Lollies etc.
Aid Stations are planned to be at the following locations pending volunteer numbers.

***PLEASE NOTE: Drop bags will be taken to aid stations after 50km registration is complete (i.e. at about 8:00am). Please take this into consideration when planning your drop bag requirements.


 DistanceElec- trolyteDrop BagsToilet
A Start/Finish15km - 18km - 30km - 33km - 50kmYYY
B Rockwell Rd12km - 27km - 35kmYNN
C Kurrajong23km - 44kmYYY
D Branding YardNEW LOCATION - 9kmYNY
A2 100sBranding Yard  - 9km - 12.5kmYYY


Time Schedule

We are hoping to conduct some training runs (at least 2) to go over parts of the course. Weather permitting, a casual BBQ post run will be held - stay tuned.

Gates will open for normal park operating hours on the Saturday, and will open at 6am on Sunday.
Please check the briefing notes closer to the race day to confirm the following times.

Please NOTE SUNDAY EVENTS, are 50km - 30km - 15km 5km
Please NOTE SATURDAY EVENTS, are Hardcore 100s, Marathon and Half Marathon
Registration Open7:00am (Sat)7:00am (Sat)7:00am (Sun)7:00am (Sat)7:30am (Sun)8:00am (Sat)8:00am (Sun)9:00am (Sun)
Brief7:45am (Sat)7:45am (Sat)7:45am (Sun)8:45am (Sat)8:45am (Sun)9:45am (Sat)9:45am (Sun)7:45am (Sun)
Start8:00am (Sat)8:00am (Sat)8:00am (Sun)9:00am (Sat)9:00am (Sun)10:00am (Sat)10:00am (Sun)11:00am (Sun)
Presentations will be conducted as close as practical to the conclusion of each event or on an ad hoc basis as place getters need to leave. ( In this case they will be informal )
Please be sure to collect your trophy if you need to leave before the presentation.

Cut-Off Times (Buckle Colour)

2019 New Updated
100 Mile Gold - 20hrs
100 Mile Silver - 26hrs
100 Mile Bronze - 32hrs
100 Km Gold - 12hrs
100 Km Silver - 16hrs
100 Km Bronze - 24hrs


Over the previous 8 runnings of this event, there has been at least one person each time who has taken a wrong turn. This is always as a result of a brief lack of concentration and missing course markers. Unfortunately it is also the lead runners that this tends to happen to and they become ineligible for prizes. To place in these events you must have followed the correct course. Please don't make it difficult for Brett who will have to exclude you from your place in the field. He takes no pleasure in doing this and he understands it is upsetting for you, the runner. His advice is, if you are a fast runner and have expectations of placing, then study the maps provided and do a training run to get familiar with the course.

ALSO..we have experienced course marking tampering in the past and this can add to the problems of navigating the course. Hopefully this year we will not suffer from this unsavoury act.

The course will be marked, and all efforts will be made to make the course easy to follow. It is a complex set of trails, but when broken down it is very easy. Pay attention and you will be fine. We suggest each participant make themselves familiar with the course. Even a little knowledge just may come in very handy. The design of the You Yangs course provides spectators with several opportunities to see their runners pass through the main start-finish area. This does add a bit of complexity to the course as this area can become busy with runners from various distance events heading in various directions. All efforts will be made to make it clear where to go as you pass through this area and it is envisaged a dedicated course marshall will be on hand to direct you up the correct trail. However we recommend you carry a map in case you get off course.


Car Parking

Out of courtesy for the other park users, parking at the top car park will be limited. Carparks in the lower areas of the park will be used. These car parks range from 300m from the start line to approximately 500m. A walking track has been built to get runners from the lower picnic ground carpark to the top carpark, do not walk up or down roads, an area for putting your kit bags will be provided if required.
The car parking will effect the 5km, 15km and 30km runners more as they start later, but some of the 50km runners will also need to park in the lower car parks. Please consider car pooling or connecting up with a friend at a lower carpark and only bring one car to the start area.
When parking at the top (Turntable) carpark, some areas are unmarked. Please consider the space you take up and park sensibly close to next vehicles to make room for others.
Thank you for your assistance in this as it is crucial to the ongoing support of Parks that we cater for other park users. (AGAIN, stressing the upper car park is for 100km 100miler runners and the public, if you are directed to the lower carpark please do not request special consideration to park at the top)

Rules and Regulations

All participants must obey the instructions of the race director, event representatives and Parks Victoria employees.

Postponement / Cancellation

Should the weather or other conditions outside the control of the race director prevent the race from proceeding on the scheduled date, the event will be postponed to a future date. Refunds will be not be available if the event is forced to be cancelled. A future date will be organised with Parks Victoria where possible and your entry will carry over to that date only, no refunds available if you can't make the rescheduled date.


For the safety of all participants please notify the nearest checkpoint of your intention to withdraw from the event.


All events of this nature carry elements of risk, so it is the responsibility of all participants to conduct themselves in a safe manner and to help other participants if injured or in need of assistance. Conditions can vary quickly with the most likely problem being exposure to the weather. All participants should have suitable clothing as the conditions could be very cool.

iPods other Music Devices

All music devices are NOT PERMITTED for competitors while participating in this event.

Many trails are very technical and surrounded by fantastic scenery. There are often sections of single trail that require your senses to be at full alert. Some event require crossing roads, some of which are under control of traffic managers. It is extremely important that you are fully alert to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all involved. On occasions branches can fall from trees. If you hear the break you can most likely avoid the falling branch, if you have music in your ears you most definitely won't. Please, for your safety, NO music devices.
Please leave your iPods off the trail and enjoy real trail running and the camaraderie of those running with you.

Please understand and respect the reasons for the restriction. Anyone carrying and using an ipod may be disqualified (no series points will be issued and no time recorded).

Compulsory Clothing

Please note that mountain trails can be subject to rapidly changing weather conditions.  This means you may be required to carry a minimum amount of clothing. You will be advised in the final pre race news letter if this is likely. If the weather turns cold, you may be fine while running well, but if you are injured and can't move or have to walk slowly, you will very quickly become hyperthermic.

Pacing Through Night 100s

A runner is permitted to have one pacer join them on the trail through the hours that a runner will be in darkness on the trail and if for safety and medical concerns during daylight hours on Sunday 


If a participant is injured or becomes incapacitated, if it is safe to do so, other participants MUST assist them to the nearest check point.


No rubbish to be left on the course. Please place all items, no matter how small, in pockets for depositing in bins at check points.  This is extremely important to ensure the ongoing support of Parks Victoria and the future of the race.


Participants should note that public liability insurance exists for this event, however it does not cover individual medical or rescue costs. This cost is the responsibility of each individual competitor. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your ambulance cover is up to date.