Saturday 29th August 2020

5km, 13km  25km  42.2km  52km

Accomodation Packages will be available at the Cumberland River Holiday Park for runners.

5km $?? $?? $?? $??
13km $?? $?? $?? $??
25km $?? $?? $?? $??
42.2km $?? $?? $?? $$??
52km $?? $?? $?? $??

IF our Wet Weather Policy is invoked and the start location is changed from Cumberland River Holiday Park to Sheoaks Picnic Ground. A $10 compulsory BUS fee will be added to the above entry for parking and the shuttle bus from the carpark to and from the race start.  No Participant parking permitted at the Alternative start area. For safety reasons participants should not walk along roads to the start. (a condition and safety requirement of our permit) Please note that pristine trails like these can be effected by heavy rains and course maybe adjusted at the last minute to suit weather and environmental issues.


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