Unbreakable - You or the Mountain

Since 1986, in Frozen Head State Park in the state of Tennessee runners from all around the world have tried to complete what is regarded as one of, if not the toughest 100 mile races in the world. The brain child of Gary Cantrell “Lazurus Lake” or just Laz as the trail running community affectionately refer to him as.
The race is known as the Barkley Marathons, runners are required to complete 5 laps of 20 miles, unaided by modern technology or course markers, you are guided by a map and a compass, thats it. This is not your normal trail ultra marathon. During your laps you are required to find books and from these books you must tear out the page number matching your race bib number, there maybe 10-20 books per lap. On completion of your lap, within the specified time you need to hand over your pages. If you have all of them you get to go out and do it all again with a new race number. If fast enough, physically and mentally capable enough you may get to do this 5 times with a few twists. In its 34 year history (2019) as few as 15 have completed all 5 laps, many don’t finish the first one.
In 2020 Australia will be hosting an event inspired by the Barkley Marathons, to be known as “Unbreakable” while it will follow many of the Barkley Marathons concepts it will be a weekend of trail running with a difference.
Make no mistake, this will be an event where something must give.
So you say,  “tell me all about it”.... yeah right thats not happening just yet.
Where is it going to be held? (you will find that out soon enough)
How many laps will it be? For the successful runners (5) For you (?)
How long is each lap? (40-50km, maybe)
What are the time cutoffs per lap?
hahahahaha, not enough time for most mere mortals.
Are there any entry requirements?
YES, but not what you think, it’s not meant to exclude anyone for any specific reason, but it might exclude you for reasons you can think of, that we cant.
When will it be held?
Well, being a country with some of the most venomous snakes in the world, we can say the hazards will most likely not be our reptile friends.
So thats a bit of an intro and we are extremely grateful to have the Blessing of Lazurus Lake to be able to create an event in Australia inspired by the world renown Barkley Marathons.
Stay tuned for more information, though to be honest, theres not that much to tell, that you wont learn in the hours before you get to start the journey.
map-link  Map & Directions

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Please note the unbreakable race info will be update shortly