Race Bibs

Please note that nothing is sent to runners in the post.  Race Bibs must be collected on race morning at registration.  An "Info Pack" will be emailed to all competitors in the week leading up to the race.  This will also be available on the "INFO PACK" tab on the race web page.

Race Schedule

Please note that registration and briefing are both compulsory.  Bibs and pre-ordered merchandise will be collected at registration. If merchandise is not collected, a postage fee will be charged for items to be posted.

Saturday - Time Events

For the 6hr, 12hr and 24hr event:

Registration 9:00
Briefing 9:45
Start 10:00

Presentation will be within 1hr of the finish of each event.


Sunday - Distance Events

Registration 5:006:007:008:009:0010:0010:30
Briefing 5:456:457:458:459:4510:4511:15
Start 6:007:008:009:0010:0011:0011:30

Cut-off time for all events is 6:00pm.

Presentation will take place approx. 12:30-1:00pm pending finish times.


All participants will receive a custom designed medal.

Place getters for longer events will receive a trophy.

We hope you can allocate some spare time after your run to be part of the presentation processes, and be in the running for some great spot prizes!

If you are a podium finisher, please allow time to attend the presentation and receive your trophy. Each winner who attends the presentation is eligible for other prizes.

The Course

The Princes Park loop will be run on the gravel trail with the exception of the lawn 3 cross over section.  Runners must not cut corners or shorten the course. If a runner leaves the track for any purpose, they must re enter the track at the same place.

The 2.5km loop will be used, not the full outer 3.17km loop.

All Sunday events will be run in a anticlockwise direction.

Juniors Participating

Please note that the organisers permit and encourage junior runner participation. However it is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian to care for the junior runner whilst waiting to participate, participating or post race festivities. By the act of entering the event Parents and guardians except and acknowledge fully the responsibility of caring for the junior runner.


Runners will be permitted to have crews in an allocated area. This will be advised once approved by Melbourne City Council.



The course has been officially measured and is certified.

Aid Station

The event hub will be the location of the main aid station. The aid station will have standard runner needs, including water, electrolyte drink, lollies, fruit and first aid.