Trails+ works closely with other events, taking you to coastal and alpine regions for some spectacular trail running.

Working very closely with Andy Hewat from the Trail Running Company, Trailsplus assist with the organisation of one of Australia’s longest running and toughest trail races in the country: a 64km race from Bogong to Hotham covering Victoria’s highest peak and including 3 of the most challenging ascents and descents you will find on a trail in Victoria. This event challenges the very best and can leave the hardest, toughest runners broken at the 35km mark. With tough enforceable cutoff times, not every starter gets to continue the whole journey. A finish here is a rewarding experience and hard to beat.

Trailsplus also assist with what could be considered Victoria’s most spectacular run you are ever likely to participate in on Australian soil. The Great Ocean Walk trail from Apollo Bay to the 12 Apostles hosts the GOW100.  This is a 100km trail race, taking you on a journey that will live with you for ever. A journey that starts in a small coastal town, sees you venture along cliff tops, sandy beaches, open fire trails, wooded single tracks and open farm land, all the time never far from the views of the southern ocean. Sights can include lighthouses, koalas, kangaroos, glorious sunsets and the famous 12 Apostles if you are fast enough to beat the setting sun.

Trailsplus also manage the Marysville Marathon Festival on behalf of Dr. Lachlan Fraser. In 2009 the worst fires in the history of Victoria all but wiped out the beautiful township of Marysville, a popular winter destination nestled at the base of Lake Mountain, yet equally popular summer time destination for bush walking and enjoying the scenic wonders of Steavenson Falls and many other features of the area. The fires left the area devastated. Lives, property and natural bush were destroyed and lost. The Marysville Marathon festival was created to ensure the town was not forgotten and to encourage people to return and help support the community as it rebuilds homes, businesses and lives. The marathon festival plays an important role in this process and we are proud at Trailsplus to be involved in helping the community of Marysville return to the former beautiful destination that so many have experienced.