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Tuesday 31st Dec 2019

TrailsPlus Series - Race 2

5km . 10km . 21km . 42km . 50km . 6hr


2019 Entries NOW OPEN get your party outfit ready and come celebrate

and welcome in 2020

What's it all about?

The concept of a 3 race night series was to provide an opportunity for runners of all levels to enjoy a low-key, grass-roots style, yet well supported, trail running event. It was created particularly for those considering the next challenge that will take them past daylight and into the sphere of night time running, guided solely by the light of their torch and perhaps a running buddy at their side in support. It is an opportunity to experience the heightening of senses, taking in the many night time trail noises - there's no danger, but it's just what happens!

Enjoy the safe, supportive introduction to night time trail running. It will test those sleep demons for some, but if 100km events are on your radar this is a great place to feel safe and supported and test yourself. And what better time to do it as the NEW YEAR ticks over. Don't be home, watching the fireworks on TV when you can see more fireworks than you can imagine, spanning from the city of Melbourne all the way around the bay to Geelong. And why head to bed at 12:30 when you can be running through the night?

We don't know if there will be 20, 30 or 100 of you. Regardless, you can expect the same care, challenge, support and encouragement you expect at all Trailsplus races. Be rewarded by popping a cork and celebrating - ah, they do make sports drinks with corks, don't they?

We look forward to seeing you there to help celebrate and welcome in the New Year.


You Yangs Regional Park
Western Plantation
(off Sandy Creek Road)
Anakie VIC 3221

map-link Map & Directions





As with all Trailsplus events, $1 of each participant's race entry fee, with a minimum of $100, will be donated to CanTeen, the Australian organisation for Young people Living with cancer.

Update: In 2018, with 171 competitors and $62 online donations, Trailsplus donated $233 to Canteen. 

The Course

Race 2 of the night series, the "Rock Around the Clock" race course is a 5km loop, beginning and ending at the turn-table carpark. The loop will circumnavigate Flinders Peak. Enjoy the views and don't trip over while you're watching the fireworks over the city’s of Melbourne and Geelong. The loop is rolling with some sharp climbs and descents, some wide-open fire trail and some narrow single track trail. Rock in the New Year on the biggest rock on the western plain. What more appropriate way for runners to celebrate New Years Eve than running all night!

For the half marathon, the 1st loop is extended to 6.1km.

For the marathon, the 1st loop is extended to 7.2km.


Trophies and Medals

We have pretty cool bottle opener trophies and our custom designed coffee mugs for multipurpose use. Our Long Term Sponsor Andrew Peace Wines will also be available to winners.


We will be using our electronic chip timing system with live web updates. Please ensure you return your chips on presentation of your medals.

Check Points

Being a closed loop course there will be a central staging area for all races. Runners will pass through here each lap so food, fluids, gear and first-aid will all be located in one spot. Keeping it simple is the aim!  This will also be a great place for your crew to hang out and enjoy the camaraderie and cheer you on. If you want a sleep, go for your life but let us know you are off the course and then again when you are back on course. Also, the marquees are for aid, drop-bags and lap-scoring. If you really need to nap, use your car.



You can withdraw anytime up to 30 days before and get your entry fee refunded less a 50% admin fee, withdrawing within 30 days there is no refund. Refunds will be credited to your paying credit card.

Now the fine print, please read:

The race may be cancelled for a variety of reasons including but not exclusive to:

Code Red Fire Day, Total Fire Ban, fire in the region, extreme weather including rain and wind deemed too dangerous (potential falling trees).

The event may be abandoned, even after the race has started, if circumstances develop necessitating cancellation. The race may be rerouted if there is non-threatening impairment of the course but only with the approval of Parks Victoria. In the event of a forced abandonment it is important that all runners are accounted for so ensure you have been identified and checked off before leaving the course/checkpoint. Notification will be given the next time the checkpoint is reached. The decision to cancel the race is the responsibility of the race director or his assistant acting in his capacity. This may occur at the direction of Parks Victoria, DSE, Police or Emergency Services. There is always a possibility of a forced cancellation of the race at short notice prior to the start.

In the event of cancellation of the run due to fire, extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstance (or at the direction of Parks Victoria, Department of Sustainability, or any other authority) attempts will be made to notify entrants as soon as possible. There will be no refund of entry fees if cancellation is within 2 weeks of race date and no responsibility is taken by the organisers for lost travel or accommodation expenses.

Drop Bags

You can leave your gear in the gear-marquee at the start/finish area. While we provide a space for your drop bag, we cannot take responsibility for your gear.  There will be no on-course aid except to treat emergencies. Pretty simple really. Depending how fast or slow you run your laps, you can decide if you need to carry any food or fluid with you.


There is no mandatory gear!!!

But, and there is always a catch, you will need a headlamp or handheld torch if running after 8:30pm and good idea to have a back-up. If your batteries go flat it could be an early night. No one runs without a light after dusk. Being at night in Victoria, it can get very cold and wet. So better toss in a jacket and some warm clothes like a beanie and gloves. You don't have to wear them unless you feel the need. And if you have a tendency to trip on roots a pair of bike gloves could save you some major dramas.


You must enjoy yourself! You must bring a sense of humour!

All races are a closed loop, follow the markers and don't cut corners or go off track.

No mechanical propulsion is allowed (no poles).

Absolutely no littering. Absolutely no excuses.

Follow any directions from organisers or Parks staff.

If you fall ill or get injured and the organisers deem it necessary to call an ambulance, you will be responsible for costs. If you are not an Ambulance Victoria member it is better to join the ambulance in advance, it is not a free service in Victoria.


Play it safe.

If you find an injured runner you must help them out. That is the trail runners code.

If there is an emergency situation that requires evacuation then follow the directions of the organisers or Parks Vic staff or the emergency services in attendance.

Hypothermia can be a serious problem. Dress for the weather. It can sneak up on you, especially if you are wet or stop moving.

Hyponatremia is a serious consideration in any event like this. Know the signs and symptoms. Keep your food and fluid intake up as required, but do not over hydrate. Avoid over-drinking. Drink to thirst. Don't take ibuprofen (Nurofen or similar NSAIDs).

iPods are allowed but you will miss so much of the fun if you choose to use one. They must be out or off at the checkpoint so you can hear volunteers and be aware of passing runners. If you can't hear them coming up behind you be prepared for a tap on the shoulder. At night that could scare the crap out of you!

You are going to be tired when you finish. Good idea to car-pool and have a designated driver. Otherwise have a nap before driving, and have some warm clothes ready to throw on.

It is strongly recommended for the endurance events that you do not drive for at least 4hrs after completion and a minimum of 3 hrs sleep. We not only want you to be safe on the trails but safe getting to and from them. Please make a sensible decision about when it is safe to drive.


Registration/Check in

Please ensure you have completed check in and are registered at least 15 minutes before race start time.

Each event must reach a minimum number of participants in order to proceed (see number in brackets), so encourage your friends to join you. If event is cancelled due to lack of competitors, runners will be offered entry to another event or a refund.

Total number of participants is capped ( we have had it increased to 150 online plus can take 25 on day)

Times may vary slightly (i.e. may be delayed to suit midnight celebration)

7:00pmHalf Marathon 

Presentations shortly after completion of each event where possible but might be delayed.

Please note this is a low key, grass roots event - not too many bells and whistles! Just a celebratory, fun night on the trails.

Park Gates should be open, however if you find the main gate is closed, please contact Brett on 0418 557 052 to have it opened remotely.


The teams relay will not be available due to lack of numbers, if you want to run the teams event under the 6hr race times/guidelines, you need to contact the organiser to discuss

Dress Up

By all means bring a bright lights and colour - any theme you like! It adds fun to the evening and there will be a prize for what we consider to be the best outfit.


While this event follows a pretty simple formula with a closed loop course and a single staging area, volunteers are always welcome. The main roles will be registering runners, recording lap times and helping out around the aid station,  keeping runners fed and watered.

Anyone with medical or first-aid qualifications and experience is always welcome to help with the first-aid.

Contact brett at: