Most Recent Race Info Pack

Q. Is the guy who created the backyard ultra format really crazy?

A. Well you tell us, thats the GEEZER to the right.

Q. Where is the Start Line?

A. Lumbar & Co Cafe Brimbank Park Drive Car Park A.

Q. Where can I park?

A. Carpark A has more than enough car parking and is located 100M from the start

Q. Does it really start on a Friday night?

A. Yep sure does, 7pm, you can run 60hrs and go straight to work Monday

Q. What shelter will there be for Runners and Supporters?

A. The cafe offers some shelter plus we will have some Marquees

Q. Can I set up my own shelter or a tent to recover between hourly starts?

A. We are still working on logistics, but will provide sheltered areas as a minimum.

Q. What aid station supplies will be available?

A. One main aid will be located at the HUB, for on course access to snack foods and drinks. You can also place your own needs on this aid station in small Qty. 

Q. Can I use Walking poles or ride a bike?

A. No to both of these, the only assistance permitted must come from your legs on the ground.

Q. Can I wear headphones for listening to my music?

A. Our preference is that during the daylight hours you don't wear headphones, we think the social banter will help you more than music, but head phones are not banned.

Q. Can I sleep between hourly starts?

A. Yes if you are game, it's not up to us to get you to the start, its your responsibility.

Q. How can my support crew access the park after the gates shut at 8pm?

A. Your crew have a few options to access the park after hours. (1) They can walk in from the front gate which will take about 15minutes (2) They can Park on Horseshoe Bend Road / Garden Ave and walk in the back gate, across the river to the start, this will take 5minutes. (3) They can call the race director and after a password challenge the gate may be opened, this should be used sparingly as the Race Director needs to come to the front gate to open it and depending time of race this could be from 5min - 45min.