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10% off race entries regardless of price point.

Welcome to the Trailsplus Team. Our Membership club began in 2019 with one main aim. We wanted to create a club environment where members of all levels feel very welcome and are provided a sense of belonging. As part of your membership we will be issuing various club merchandise as it become available, shirts, caps, buffs etc. Other merchandise is available at a discount to members also.

Member benefits will continue to be added along with special one off offers

20-30% off available Garmin Fitness products.

Garmin are in our opinion #1 when it comes to sports GPS products, whether you are counting steps, monitoring your heart rate, adventuring into the great unknown or hitting the trails for your next trail running event. Garmin has you covered what ever it is you are into. Perhaps you need to update your current Garmin, or maybe its time to buy your first one. Simply let us know what model you are after, if your not sure tell us what you do and we will help you get the best one for your activity, check out Garmin here

1st appointment  (save $100)

Subsequent visit discounts.

At Trailsplus we are proud to partner with great companies and great people and great service. The rise Health Group tick so many boxes. From a personal view, they have shown all the care and attention needed to get me back to my goals. And as runners thats what we want, a team that has your back, not ones that keep booking you in over and over again, or just telling you to stop doing what ever it is that is injuring you. The Rise team listen and act, to get you back.

So if you need injury recovery advice, injury prevention assistance, or just a gentle recovery massage, send the team at Rise a message and tell them you are a trailsplus member.


Free try out, discount sessions and more.

Full NinjaHQ benefits being confirmed shortly, located just around the corner from Trailsplus, Australian Ninja warrior is an awesome facility for a diverse range of cross training. A full blown Ninja Warrior course, Olympic size boxing ring,  Gym, Kids parties and much more.

Check out Ninja HQ here

20% off your orders (excluding sale items)

At Trailsplus we are proud to partner with great companies and great people and great product. Those that have been running for some time now understand the need for the right nutrition. Trailsplus continue to search for an align with the leaders in this field and we believe 32Gi have the product to energise, sustain and recover you for how ever long your journey is on the trails.     32Gi Website



*Platinum Membership policy note - Cancellation/Refund offers Members a 100% entry fee refund in the instance of an event cancellation. If a member is unable to attend and notifies trailsplus with 24hrs of the event the member will receive a 50% refund. If a member fails to notify us or doesn't show up on the day there will be no refund.

Whats different to normal Cancellation / Refund

If an event was cancelled there is no refund, if a participant withdraws within 30 days of the event the entrant was able to access 50% refund, once within 30 days of the event there are no refunds.

Platinum members (with prior arrangement) may also choose to transfer their entry to a qualified entrant and in doing so pass on the benefit they otherwise may have received.


Note - the services offered are made available in conjunction with sponsor partners, if for any reason a sponsor partner withdraws the service benefit offered, this will also be removed from the membership benefits.