Sunday 30th April 2017

TrailsPlus Mountain Trail Series - Race 1

10km  21km  30km  42km  50km

Welcome to the first mountain trail run in the 2017 series.  In 2017, we celebrate the 22nd Maroondah Dam trail run and continue to support CanTeen. We will also be supporting Monash Health through the Maroondah Dam Run.

The mountain series consists of 3 races at the following locations: Maroondah Dam, Mt Macedon and You Yangs. 

You can enter any of these events individually, or enter all 3 in the series for a 10% discount plus more! More info about the Mountain Trail Series… and the Urban Trails Series... 


All Trailsplus events donate $1 of each participant's race entry fee to CanTeen, the Australian organisation for Young people Living with cancer.

UPDATE: In 2016, Trailsplus has donated $173 to Canteen from the Maroondah Dam race. In 2016, the figure is $647.50, with 261 competitors and donations of $386.50.

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful work that Parks Vic does in keeping our parks in great condition for us to use and enjoy. We appreciate the opportunity to stage an event in the Yarra Ranges National Park.

Maroondah Dam Park is situated in the beautiful Yarra Ranges National Park.  Entrance is from the Maroondah Hwy, about 3km east of Healesville.  Maroondah features gardens with stands of native and exotic trees, native animals and birds and walking tracks. Its playground, lawns and cool summer shade make it a popular picnic destination in warmer months.  In March, it is a very pleasant place for supporters to have a picnic or BBQ while they wait for their competitors!