Run The lighthouse is pure adventure, it is primarily self supporting It requires focus at decision points in particular for the 55km and 110km entrants. You will need to look out for and possibly circle or double back, you wont get lost, but you may waste time

21km and 5km is very simple to navigate, that said there are still locations requiring decision making, for example, getting on and off Norman beach at the start finish. , taking the diversion to Norman look out for the 5km and for the 21km the Oberon beach exit point and return small water crossing. A set of Course notes will be published to be used in conjunction with maps.

Getting to the Start line

We are hosting the event from the Tidal River Camp Ground Wilsons Prom. The start finish is right on your door step if camping at Tidal River, be sure to book a cabin or camp ground early.

As always weather can play a factor in trail running events and the Prom can deliver the most glorious of days to the worst and therefore you need to be prepared. 

Trailsplus Event Hub

The event hub will be setup in available campsites adjacent Norman Beach Carpark, Exact location wont be known due to non allocated camp sites, Follow the signs and or flags to registration, our hub will be obvious when in the vicinity. The map below shows our proposed setup location.


Event Schedule


There are NO on day registrations

15:00 - 20:00 Pre Race Gear Check in and Bib Collection at event hub.


05:00 - 110km Roll Call

05:30 - 110km Start

05:30 - 55km Roll Call

06:00 - 55km Start

09:00 - 21km Roll Call

10:00 - 21km Start

10:30 - 5km Roll Call

11:00 - 5km Start


Roll call is compulsory, if not checked off at roll call you can not start the event and are deemed a DNS and will not be considered a person of interest on course for safety and evacuation purposes.

Roll call forms part of our pre race briefing, while the briefing will be abbreviated it will be highlighting some specific and significant aspects of the race safety requirements, course notes and conduct of participants. Race brief attendance is compulsory as part of Roll Call.

Bibs and pre-ordered items will be collected at Friday Check in.

Uncollected items will be posted and a postage fee will be charged.

The Course

The Course is UNMARKED, You Must print and carry the downloadable map

Qualifying Requirements

We take your safety seriously, we respect and value our runners and our volunteers, who wait on course for you. As a qualifier all we ask is that you are familiar with the challenge you plan to take on. That you have some experience on trails or crossing shallow streams or bushwalking. Of course we welcome all levels of ability and fully encourage participation to experience this amazing location. We do expect you to choose and event distance that is suitable for your level of fitness and experience. We may be in contact with you to discuss your event if deemed necessary. We reserve the right to place you in a shorter distance.

Cutoff Times

There will be key cutoff or mandatory course diversions to be adhered too for the 110km runners ONLY.

Cutoff Diversion Location

  • 44km 8hrs 1:30pm assessed by aid station, IF 8:30, compulsory diversion, via shortest route back to tidal river making it a 55km finish distance*.
  • 55km 11hrs 4:30pm, self cutoff as you are most likely struggling and this is the easiest path, to back track to Aid 1 and Oberon beach. This diversion will result in 70km finish distance*.
  • 70km 16hrs 9:30pm, lost light and time to exit off Waterloo Bay beach and head back via inland crossing to telegraph track and Oberon beach, this diversion results in an 85km finish distance*.
  • 93km 21hrs 2:30am AID #1 maybe packed down and you will be collected by car and driven back to the start with a DNF result.

Continuing on after 70km at 9:30pm is predicted to result in a finish time in excess of 26hrs. We have an overall time limit of 24hrs

Aid Stations

There will be aid stations placed on course based on available volunteers and permit conditions, however it should be assumed that CP1 & CP2 will have manned and unmanned aid supplies. If unmanned please ensure no rubbish escapes and all food containers are sealed tight to prevent wildlife accessing:

The anticipated aid station locations will be

  • CP1 - Telegraph Track Junction 10km-44km-100km
  • CP2 - Oberon Carpark 16km - 94km ( if available )
  • CP3 - Roaring Meg 49km - 55km (if available )

Drop Bags

100km/55km Runners will be able to leave personal drop bags to be taken to check point #1. These must be presented prior to our CP#1 Crew leaving. Soon after the 100km event starts Please note it is not expected that CP#1 will be operational at your 10km mark. It will be available from 44km (100m diversion to access)

DROP BAGS must be no bigger than a typical shopping bag. Your Drop bag must be named and clearly identifiable. Any drop bags or equipment not collected on race weekend must be collected within 14 days or will be sent to charity op shop or equivalent, unless items fit me then I will keep them 🙂


Presentations for each event will be carried out finishers in their respective events  cross the line and have a 5 minutes to recover due to the nature of time variations between finishers. Future years will have a Breakfast presentation.

This is a low key event, not too much fanfare.