Applies to 110km, 55km and 21km - See notes below for 5km

21km will only require 1 torch for emergency use only

Mandatory Gear is for your safety ( NO EXCEPTIONS )

Anyone experienced at trail running and coastal and mountainous areas will tell you a glorious sunny day can turn to horrible wet windy cold conditions very quickly.

And vise a versa a horrible day can turn out perfectly, none the less.

Mandatory gear must be carried as specified.

  • Hydration minimum 2litres
  • Food Emergency, minimum equivalent energy 1000KJ
  • Sealed Seam Hooded weather proof jacket
  • Thermal long sleeve top
  • Map and waterproof bag for Map, can be zip lock 
  • Compass & Whistle
  • Smart Phone TELSTRA coverage
  • Spare battery charger for phone ( we all have them, if not $10 gets you one )
  • Head torch (main) Head Torch (Spare)
    • highly recommend good quality high lumens for navigating technical tracks, trust me i know first hand how poor light effects covering these trails, spare batteries or two excellent torches well worth the extra weight.
  • Gloves & Beanie or Buff
  • APP to track ( we hope to have App confirmed, if available it must be loaded and will be checked at Gear checkin to ensure you are active and enrolled on App
  • Snake Compression Bandage Must meet minimum standard 10CM width
  • Space Blanket



110km - 55km - 21km Only

Must be available at checkin, We will advise if needed to be carried at this stage

  • overpants
  • thermal long-johns


5km Required kit

  • Sealed Seam Hooded weather proof jacket (available may not be required)
  • Smart Phone TELSTRA coverage