Saturday 30th Sept 2017


10km  21km  42km  63km (with relay option - 5 Teams of 3)


Surf Coast Hell Run is the newest mountain trail run on the Trailsplus calendar. Aptly named for the burning sensation your quad muscles will experience during the 1st, 2nd or 3rd descent depending on your chosen event.

The course is set in the majestic mountains at the back of the Seaside coastal town of Lorne along the great ocean road. It offers incredibly beautiful scenic mountain trails with challenging ascents for the first half on the easy to navigate teardrop shape course. Then the fun and fire begin as the speed increases and the breaking effects of the quad muscles start to glow red hot. Of course you could take the easy option and cruise on down but why not attack the long downhill section having endured the initial half of climbing to get there.

The  race will consist of a 10km, a 21km, a 42km and a 63km event. 

Access to the start area will be via shuttle bus as parking will be managed away from the race start finish location. SHUTTLE BUS is compulsory and the fee included in your entry.

Saturday Event

Note that this event is held on Saturday.  This is a change for Trailsplus events, which are usually on a Sunday. This may give competitors the opportunity to race on Saturday, then stay overnight in the area and enjoy a family day on Sunday.

Pre Event Dinner

For those making a weekend away, we are having a Friday night get together at a Lorne Venue to be confirmed. From 6pm to 9pm, enjoy a social evening with fellow trail runners..

At all Trailsplus events, $1 of each participant's race entry fee is donated to CanTeen, the Australian organisation for Young people Living with cancer.

In 2017, we had 52 runners and $15 in donations. Trailsplus has rounded it up and donated $100 to Canteen. Thank you to everyone for contributing!


Do you enjoy being part of a team?
Do you enjoy the camaraderie?
Do you enjoy friendly banter and competition?
This option might be for you!
Introducing the new perpetual relay trophy…..
  • Each member runs 21.1km
  • One team member on course at any time
  • 7am - Runner 1 starts, completes 21.1km and passes the Baton ( so to speak )
  • Runner 2 continues, completes 21.1km and passes the baton 
  • Runner 3 heads out, finishes to the cheers of their team mates
Our estimation is Runner 1 will be on course from 7am until 9 - 9:30am.
Runner 2 finish 11am - 12pm.
Runner 3 finish 1:30 - 2pm.
Expected average team times approx. 6 1/2 to 7 hrs.
Marathoners and ultra runners will be oncourse up to 5pm.
Team entry $75each or $235per team. includes return bus ticket
Sheoaks Picnic Ground
Allanvale Rd
Lorne, Victoria

map-linkMap & Directions

The start and finish are located at the BBQ area next to Sheoaks Picnic Ground. This is an ideal place for families to enjoy a picnic lunch while waiting for their competitor to finish….or pass through to take on a second….or third loop! None competing members must purchase a bus ticket and can enjoy a stroll to the water falls while family member is running.