All finishers receive a custom designed medal.

Road runners are perfectly fine for the Urban Park Trails - though RocBloc is highly recommended.

You do not need to carry water as there will be enough water and sports drink available at aid stations.

Runners must be 16 to compete in the 21K (with parent approval), and 18 for the 42K & 50K event.  Shorter distances are open to all ages.

Marquees and structures require permits, and fees are payable.  Trailsplus pays for a permit that allows ONLY official Trailsplus marquees to be setup.

Chip timing is used to time all Trailsplus urban trail runs.  Please see notes regarding positioning of race bib.

No iPods to worn for safety reasons.  It is important that all competitors can hear direction from race officials. Please leave music home for this event.

Credit card facilities will be available on the day, including Cirrus (Visa debit) and Maestro (MasterCard debit).


Please note that nothing is sent to runners in the post.  Race Bibs must be collected on race morning at registration.  An "Info Pack" will be emailed to all competitors in the week leading up to the race.  This will also be available on the "INFO PACK" tab on the race web page.

To assist with accurate electronic timing, please...

  • wear race bib on chest
  • do not cover bib when passing gantry


Elite runners are not permitted any form of pacer, this will be strictly monitored. If a runner is deemed to have been paced to achieve an advantage the runner will be disqualified. Pacing will be assessed as a runner who has a known equivalent or faster runner spending more then 100m on the track at the same time on the same section.


First aid will be available at (one of the) aid stations.


For the safety of all participants, please notify the race director, registration staff or timing staff of your intention to withdraw from the event.


All events of this nature carry elements of risk, it is the responsibility of all participants to conduct themselves in a safe manner and if required help other participants if injured or in need of assistance. Conditions can vary quickly with the most likely problem being exposure to the weather. All participants should have suitable clothing as the conditions are likely to be cool and wet at times.


If a participant becomes injured or incapacitated, 
other participants MUST assist them until other help arrives.


No rubbish to be left on the course. Please place all items, no matter how small, in pockets for depositing in bins at aid stations. 
To ensure the ongoing support of local councils and Parks Victoria, ensure you leave NO RUBBISH on the course.


The and future of this event very much depends on how we, as users, conduct ourselves on the course. It is highly likely that you will come across many obsticles including runners, walkers, cyclists and general park users. Please be respectful and make your way around them as this is a public park for use by all members of the public. Please take extra care around dogs on long leads.  

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.


Participants should note that public liability insurance exists for this event. However it does not cover individual medical or accident costs. This remains the responsibility of the individual.  It is highly recommended that your ambulance cover is up to date. By entering the event you agree to relinquish all claims against the event organiser and support people.


Refunds are available up to 14 days prior to entries closing. Your refund will be  transferred to your BSB/account, less a 50% admininstration fee.
There are no refunds within 14 days of event.


During Trailsplus events we take photos and some video. This information may be made available for publication on websites or paper media. By participating, you acknowledge and give permission for any images and commentary to be used by Trailsplus and/or their partners.


Registrations are not transferrable.


By participating, the competitor declares

  • to be trained, fit and injury free.
  • to present no risk to themselves or others by participating in this event
  • if they become unwell or injured they will withdraw from the event
  • they acknowledge that distance and trail running carries risks including weather, trip hazards, hydration, hyperthermia and rough surfaces and that they are aware of these risks, along with others, and take full responsibility for their own actions
  • if during the event they feel unwell they will withdraw and seek medical attention
  • they understand and acknowledge the risks and waive all claims against all parties involved in organising the event


Due to the nature, location and weather conditions often present at trail running events, forces outside the control of the event organisers and land owners may force the event to be cancelled or postponed. Cancellation could be as late as the morning of the event or possibly during the event if conditions dictate such action. If the event is cancelled before the event the race organisers will work with the authorities to try and reschedule the event. If a date can not be suitably found the event will be deemed cancelled for that calendar year. NO REFUNDS will be issued for late cancellation or postponement of event.