Sunday 19th January

29km  35km  64km

Run Numbers

Runner's numbers will be supplied at check in. These must be worn on the front and be clearly visible at all times. Emergency contact details will be on the reverse side of the race bib.

Unofficial Runners

Absolutely no unofficial runners are permitted in the B2H. Any runner caught doing so will be banned from future entry into B2H and be reported to the Australian Ultra Runners Association.


No pacers are allowed.


No aid can be given outside of checkpoints.

Changing Distances

Entries cannot be changed after registration for safety reasons.

Official Placing

Single start time means no controversy over eligibility for podium finishers.


A runner can withdraw from the race at any checkpoint, however it is only practical to voluntarily leave the course at Mountain Creek, Langford Gap or Bogong High Plains Road. It is important to notify the checkpoint officials of your intent to withdraw. Unless the runner has support crew, it may be necessary to wait until alternative transport can be arranged.


Breach of any rules described in this manual can lead to disqualification. The Race Director and those operating under his direction have the discretional authority to prevent any competitor from starting (even after successful entry) or continuing in B2H if the runner or crew are deemed to have breached the rules or it is considered the runner will be at risk for whatever reason.

Wrong Turns or Cutting Course

If you miss a turn you must return to where you left the course under your own effort and continue from there. If you miss a turn and continue on an alternate path to rejoin the course you will be disqualified.


Ipods are allowed but must be removed at checkpoints and on the road crossing at Omeo Rd and the final stretch along the road to Hotham summit.


Runners must be 18 years or older to enter.