Sunday 19th January

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Hikers and Other Trail Users

There will be other users on the track. You may encounter large organised groups of hikers or solo day trippers. At all times show courtesy to people you encounter along the course. We do not have exclusive rights to the trail and it is imperative for the future of the race that we leave a good impression, especially on the tour groups. Always approach with care and ask if it is possible to pass where/when possible. You will generally find hikers move readily out of the way but it is not an obligation and we cannot afford complaints.


There are pit toilets at the Mountain Creek Picnic Area, and at most huts that are passed along the course. There are no toilets in the immediate vicinity of the finish. While on the course, it is important to follow standard bushwalking etiquette: please go well off the trail (leaving your pack so that the sweeper does not go past you) and scrape a hole sufficient to allow you to bury your waste. Do not go within 25 metres of any watercourse.


Runners must not drop litter of any sort on the course. Any disposable item taken from a checkpoint must be carried to the next checkpoint.
Any runner, pacer or crew found littering will result in the runner being disqualified.