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1.From Mountain Creek Campground, follow the 4WD track for 2km and turn right up the Staircase Spur track.
2.Follow the track up past Bivouac Hut, beyond the tree-line and towards the summit.
3.Detour to the cairn on Mt. Bogong Summit, then follow the numbered poles (from 1278) back to the north along the ridge.
4.The track swings east past Cleve Cole Hut, and down Camp Creek valley to pole 1150.
5.The track then turns right at Madison's Hut site (be careful here: the turn-off is across the creek and has often been missed by walkers and runners).
6.Head south down "T" Spur then cross Big River at the chain.
7.Turn right along opposite bank for about 30m and follow the steep track to the left going up the hill.  Climb Duane Spur south to rejoin snow poles at pole 942. At the top of the climb is the newly rebuilt Roper's Hut which was destroyed by fire in 2003.
8.Continue up the rough trail following the poles, then veer left and pick up the 4WD track, and follow the poles past Mt. Nelse, to Warby Corner.
9.Continue on past Hollands Knob to Big River Fire Track/Marum Point Track Intersection at Pole 740. Leave the road and follow the poles to the left (part of the Australian Alps Walking Track) at pole 661 to Langford East Aqueduct.
10.Cross Bridge Turn right along the Aqueduct to Langford Gap aid station.
11.From Langford Gap, continue along the West Langford Aqueduct passing the turnoff to Wallace Hut. Shortly after passing the Rover Hut you arrive at a T-intersection. Turn right and pass Cope Hut, arriving at the Omeo Rd aid station, then cross the Bogong High Plains Road at pole 532 (formerly know as Omeo Rd Crossing).
12.The Alpine Track pole line exits from the Aqueduct Junction on the same side, but opposite direction to the S.E.C. hut.
13.From there, the pole line runs west and then north west to Pole 333 which is north of Mt. Jim.
14.Turn left at pole 333 and head south to a junction at Pole 267.
15.Turn right and follow the pole line, descending past Basalt Temple to Cobungra Gap (Dibbin's Divide). From here, take track left down to Cobungra River and Dibbin's Hut.
16.Follow poles and track up to Swindler's Spur, past Derrick Hut.
17.Continue along the track north-west to the track junction at pole 60.  Turn left (west) and follow track to Mt Loch Car Park.
18.Cross the road and follow the poles opposite the carpark straight up the hill toward the ski lift and radio towers, turn right and follow the poles to the Mt Hotham Summit.


Aid & Checkpoints

 LocationDistWaterFood/AidRadioSignsGrid RefCheckpt
1.Mountain Creek Campground0kmCreekAid OnlyYesNo22  38START
2.Bivouac Hut6kmWater TankNoNoNo26  37 
3.Mt Bogong Summit9kmNoNoYesNo27  35MINOR
4.Cleve Cole Hut13kmInside Hut or CreekLolliesYesNo29  32MINOR
5.Madison Hut Site15kmSmall CreekNoYesNo30  32 
6.Big River18kmRiverPossibly lolliesYesNo30  28 
7.Ropers Hut23kmNoPossibly lolliesYesNo29  26MINOR
8.Warby Corner26kmBrought in for runLimited foodYesNo29  24MINOR
9.Track Intersection Pole 74031kmNoNoNoYes30  20 
10.Langford Gap35kmBrought in for runFull food and aidYesYes28  18END 35km
11.Bogong High Plains Road41kmBrought in for runFull food and aidYesNo25  16MAIN
12.Aqueduct Junction44kmAqueductNoYesYes23  14MINOR
13.Pole 33349kmBrought in for runLimited foodYesNo19  15MINOR
14.Pole 26751kmNoNoNoNo18  12 
15.Dibbins Hut54kmCreekLolliesYesNo16  11MINOR
16.Derrick Hut 58kmBrought in for runLimited foodYesNo14  08MINOR
17.Mt Loch Car Park63kmNoNoNoYes12  08 
18.Mt Hotham Summit64kmBrought in for runFull food and aidYesNo11  08FINISH